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The Naggar school of Photography, Media, New Music, Visual Comm. and Phototherapy in Musrara, Jerusalem, was set from the beginning to function as an institute with a different nature - open to it's environment, inspecting new approaches and dealing with important issues concerning society in Israel. Early influences on the school’s spirit are the myths connected to the neighborhood of Musrara: its past as a border of the pre 67 war Israel, as an impoverished place and as a ground for social struggle. All of these are integrated in the school’s being and vision.


The school has created a unique model of an undergraduate institution. As a photography school it has integrated immediately the potential of the medium to provoke social and visual consciousness.
The relationship between artists and the community is manifested over the years through many projects that involve teachers and students from the school with community members. It is a framework that allows co-operation of people from different backgrounds, taking part in a creative process that has the potential to change both the artists and the community inside which they work. This concept perceives the creative process as a catalyst of change and a bridge over gaps in society.
The school is a creative institute that enables its students to become active artistically and professionally, with a strong link to inter-disciplinary creation. The uniqueness of the school is in the possibility it provides for students to work in an alternative setting that is open-minded and that places the student at the heart of the school's life and activity. The students background is also diverse: religious, seculars, minorities and immigrants.
The school offers 5 departments in its 3 years course: Photography, New Music, New-Media, Visual Communication and Phototherapy.
The school also offers three post-graduates programs: Photo-therapy, the continuation studies program in photography and video (forth year) and a unique study program called 'Artists for Social Change'.
At present the school consists of 140 students from all departments.




Musrara Alumni exhibition - Andrea Meislin Gallery

Musrara school is pleased to announce the opening of an alumni exhibition at Andrea Meislin Gallery, NYC October 31st, 18:00. Beyond a No Man’s Land: Journey Across A Landscape of Identities is a group exhibition featuring Alumni from the Naggar School of Photography, Musrara, Jeruslaem... (read more)



Photopoetic 3 - Four new exhibitions at Musrara galleries

On October 17th, the Naggar School of Photography, Musrara, will open four new exhibitions examining connctions between photography and poetry. (read more)


Digital Heritage - The Xth Jerusalem Conference on the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage

On November 12-13, 2013 the Naggar School of Photography, Musrara, will present the schools work at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, as part of the Xth annual, international event for professionals in cultural heritage and advanced technologies.

 Conference Producer: Millie Hazan, Co-chair:  Dr. Susan Hazan, Co-chair: Dov Winer (click here for more details and the program)







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