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Photography curator: Ayelet Hashahar Cohen
Poetry editor: Tal Nitzan

Works by 15 women artists, photographers, and poets of different generations and sectors of Israeli society are gathered in an exhibition centered on the connection between body and text. Set against the cultural contexts of identity and gender, sexuality, motherhood and aging, rituals, migration and trauma, the female body is deciphered in the space of the gallery as a biographical realm where life, memories, and hopes are inscribed. The body carries the inner message, holds it, and transmits it to the world – whole or in fragments. Traditionally in the history of culture, the female body is the object of male gaze and interpretation. In this exhibition it is reflexive: women are both the creators and at the center of the artworks.

Featuring: Shulamit Apfel, Ayala Ben-Lulu, Rachel Chalfi, Sheikha Haliwa, Tsvia Litevski, Mirale Moshe Alvo, Tal Nitzan, Nataly Turjeman, Sivan Elirazi

סיוון אלירזי חשבי חירות בשפת האם שלך - אות ראשונה הדפס דיו 2018Sivan Elirazi