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In 2000, the school established a community gallery, in collaboration with the local community, used as an experimental space for social and community-oriented art. In 2006, the community gallery became the Social Gallery, presenting group exhibitions of documentary photography that raise burning questions and social dilemmas in Israel.  Perceiving the gallery, the Musrara School and the Musrara neighborhood as one arena, the gallery staff founded a steering committee, recruited curators, created tutorials, and planned day activities including a guided tour of an exhibition, photography workshops, and a tour of the Musrara neighborhood. In recent years, tens of thousands of art enthusiasts, students and tour groups have visited the gallery.

Curator: Eyal Ben Dov

nadavArielPhotography: Nadav Ariel (from “Photopoetry 3 – My Brother in the Prairie: Canaanic Poetry and Contemporary Photography) 2014.

Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday, 10:00-17:00

Address: Musrara Community Center, 22 Shivtei Israel, Musrara, Jerusalem