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Musrara’s photography studies allow capable, motivated students, who are interested in the visual arts, to express and develop a personal language in the field of contemporary photography through exploring the medium’s wide range, from traditional analog photography to advance digital applications.  The students are familiarized with a variety of learning methods, including video and still image workshops, software programming and theory lessons, as well as guided supervision sessions. Laboratories for color and black-and-white development and printing, digital labs, studios, computer rooms and video editing stations are all available to our students.   

Through the learning process, students acquire technical and visual skills, and may choose from a variety of subjects for practical specialization. The last year of study focuses on the final project – a solo exhibition, and on self-promotion and assembling a professional portfolio. Photography today is a very accessible medium, and for that precise reason it requires mediation. The goal of Musrara’s Photography Department is to allow each student to develop as an artist according to his or her own world view while providing professional tools. Thus, the students become well-versed in the many subfields of photography, with proficiency, greater awareness and deeper understanding of the subject matter. The teachers guiding and assisting the students are experienced professionals, promising young talents, and multidisciplinary artists.

Head of the Photography Department: Ayelet Hashahar Cohen
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