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Musrara's Phototherapy Department was founded in 2003 with the backing of the European Graduate School in Switzerland. The department is a pioneer in its field and is, in fact, the first department in Israel to train therapists in the use photography as a therapeutic tool.

The program is part of the curriculum of Musrara - the Naggar School of Art in Jerusalem, which combines both the aesthetic and the social aspects of art. Students of the Phototherapy Department enjoy the school's vibrant, creative atmosphere and benefit from the use of its facilities and advanced laboratories for photography.

During their studies, phototherapy students can develop interesting relationships with students from other departments. They enjoy and take part in the school's various activities, such as "Musrara in the Desert" and the multidisciplinary arts festival "Musrara Mix". In addition, phototherapy students are allowed to attend courses in the Photography Department (by prior appointment with the Head of the Photography Department) and they are able to deepen their understanding of photography through gallery discussions and through visits to the changing exhibitions shown in Musrara's galleries.

Musrara's Phototherapy Department is unique in that its curriculum includes practical field work in phototherapy, with professional supervision. Thanks to the highly valued work of phototherapy student and graduates, there is a growing demand for professionals specializing in phototherapy, and graduates are easily integrated into different settings across the country.

We, the Phototherapy Department staff, believe in creating a nurturing environment that encourages the personal development of each phototherapy student through combining creative development, photography skills, in-depth theoretical and academic studies, and practical work in the field, supervised by experienced and senior therapists. Our approach combines providing students with knowledge in the field of therapy and, at the same time, giving them practical tools for phototherapy work. We also encourage them to develop their photographic skills while integrating other arts and adopting a multidisciplinary perspective. Through this approach, we aim to enrich and develop the students so that they are prepared to continue and develop in the future path of their choosing.
Head of the Phototherapy Department: Shirly Goffer.