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The Department of New Music Studies was established in 2003 with the purpose of providing musicians with new content and new ways, previously unavailable, to learn and develop. The New Music Department focuses on connecting music and technology through composing music, as well as through exploring sound and sound structures, in terms of electronic and electro-acoustic sound, and in terms of various musical cultures and traditions. The program is based on methodical practice in this artistic-scientific field, and helps the students to observe the properties of musical structure and musical works, through the development of models, creative techniques, and different production methods.

This course of study is for those who wish to be artists and professionals in the field, those who want to enrich their own musical knowledge or for those who seek to expand their practical skills in both new and traditional ways. No prior knowledge is required, but priority is given to those with basic musical experience, whether technical or creative.

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The students and teachers may create ensembles or initiate different projects with the guidance of school faculty. The ensembles may utilize our designated recording studio and rehearsal rooms for any need. Occasionally, the school holds performances, on and off of school grounds, which are open to the public to showcase the different projects.   

cover adamBennun
Adam Ben Nun - "Mappings" from his final project 2014