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Graphic design studies at the new Department of Visual Communication in Musrara conclude four academic years. The courses taught during this time combine theoretical content and design practices with printed media such as: basic design, techniques and illustration, typography, sending a message, visual communication, illustration, photography, drawing, three-dimensional design, packaging, and more, and with updated computerized design practices, such as web design, digital platforms Design (smart-phones , tablets , etc.), Introduction to Video, sound design and more.

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Studying in the Department of Visual Communication guarantees that students will be trained to understand the designer's place in society, as a critical, influencing and initiative person. One who is aware of his ability to motivate individuals and groups in society.
"Olimpic"- a work by faculty member Sheri Tito

During the first two years the student will acquire basic concepts and tools to understand design, critical thinking and discussion, the ability to visually respond to social, political or marketing related idea, and using different techniques in a varied media. During the first two years all classes are mandatory, taught to all students of the department. The students will gain experience through participation in various projects that will help them build their own schedule for the third and fourth years. During the third and fourth years, the student will have a core curriculum (required courses) alongside electives, both from the department and from the schools other departments.

The school is located in a neighborhood with a history of struggle and desire for change, a struggle who deals with image and deprivation. A few decades after the struggle rose in the neighborhood, it seems that this place in particular could be a fertile ground for creative thinking and creative visual making with the power to make a change.

Being a part of the unique nature of Musrara School, The Department of Visual Communication will initiate operations and student activities, intervening, support or criticize society and community at the local, municipal and national levels by initiating projects in the department courses or by creating a special work frame.

Head of the Department - Guy Goldstein.