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‘Forty-Something’ is a special program that was developed in Musrara’s veteran photography department. The program allows those with full-time jobs to come back to school for a two-year, twice-a-week photography program. The studies delve deep into the photography medium and connect the ‘forty-somethings’ with our special community. The classes, held in small groups emphasizing personal attention to each student, combine still photography and video workshops, academic courses, classes in computer programming and social content, gallery tours and mentoring for individual photography projects to be presented at the school’s annual exhibition.  

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 Photographer - Shay Cna'ani

In all aspects, the forty-somethings are students in the photography department. They must meet the academic deadlines and are evaluated and graded like any other student. They are active participants in all of our special events: seminars, gallery talks, photography tours and master classes. They are also invited to our annual events, such as our desert workshops and the “Musrara Mix” festival. 

The students in the program have full access to the library, the digital and analog labs, the studios and the equipment, the computer rooms and the editing room. Scholarships for this group are also available for groups and individuals. 

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 Photographer: Ayala Nachmias

The teachers in this program are renowned photographers from the faculty of the Photography Department faculty, some of which are Musrara graduates. The program is headed by Ayelet Hashahar Cohen – a curator and artist, and Head of the Photography Department. Among our teachers are: Gaston Zvi Ickowicz , Ram Bracha, Tomer Kap, Anna Yam, Dafna Ichilov, Itai Nadav, Assaf Alboher, Eyal BenDavid. 

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 Photographer: Meir Zalevsky