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The studies in the Department of New Media in Musrara develop creative, artistic and original thinking. Gradates of this department went on to become artists, musicians, creators, filmmakers and founders of literature and music labels and alternative culture institutes.

Among our graduates:       

Nevet Yitzhak, video and sound installation artist, presented her work in various festivals and exhibitions in important galleries and museums, for which she received numerous awards and scholarships. Yitzhak graduated from a Master’s Segree program in Bezalel and won an award encouraging promising artists, given by the Ministry of Culture and Sport. She is currently represented by the “Noga” Gallery.   

Itamar Weiner, musician (known as Spark O), a prominent figure in the Jerusalem cultural scene, a founder of the Uganda (café-bar-records-comics-live performances) – a greenhouse for the fringe culture in Jerusalem, founding partner of the Jerusalem Bass Club (with Lior Gutterman) and a founder of the electronic label Ak Duck.

Shlomit Yaacov, Vj live and projection mapping artist, curator, producer, video photographer and editor. Yaacov is half of the duo “Majedra Eyes” (with the photographer Yaniv Yor), and played live visuals for Alpha Blondy, The Gypsy Kings, Shpongle, Ziggy Marley, Juno Reactor, Barrington Levy, Rami Fortis, Asaf Avidan, Balkan Beat Box, Berry Sakharof and The Hazelnuts, among others. She is an executive producer of the Musrara Mix festival and as a part of Jerusalem’s cultural events she collaborates with The Train Theatre, the Sala-Manca theatre group, the Yellow Submarine, the Jerusalem Theatre, the Jerusalem Municipality and the department of plastic art, “Muslala”, The Culture Season, the Jerusalem Center for Young Adults and many more. She is a member of “Hamabul” (the biblical flood) collective and presented her work in numerous exhibitions and festivals.        

Moran Gutman, a founding member of the “No Coast” group – a collective of artists and musicians. She took part in the “Avodat Gilui” (revelation) project, which revealed what work can do to the relations between people in the course of their lives, and refreshes the concept of “a worker”. Gutman is a partner to the new public art festival – “Mitahat Lahar” (beneath the mountain) and participated in an electronic music and video project. She was chosen as one of the nine most prominent ground-breaking artists.  

Rocky B (Roi Assayag), MC, word artist, collector. Rocky B is one of the most fruitful and creative hip-hop artists in the Jerusalem scene and one of the most versatile. In his style he combines theatrical and political elements from across the spectrum: English two-step, like Roots Manuva and Dizzy Pascal; anti-gangsta rap, such as Public Enemy and Mos Def; synthesized Reggae, inspired by Sizzla and Bounty Killer; and top it off, a breakbeat sound reminiscent of Anticon and Def Jux artists. Rocky B hosts a weekly radio show “Hateder Hene’elam” (the missing frequency) on 106FM campus radio and a monthly hip-hop show.

Arik Futterman, professionally a photographer and video editor who is also an active video art, video live and projection mapping artist. He presented several exhibition in Israel and abroad, among them are ‘futer en seine’ in Paris, ‘Matadero’ in Madrid and the ‘Jewish Culture Festival’ in Krakow. Futterman is a member of the Jerusalem collective of creators “No Coast” – a platform for independent audio-video artists – and intensively documents the city of Jerusalem.  

Uri Crystal
, musician and composer, a founding member of the Uganda (café-bar-records-comics-live) – the greenhouse for fringe culture in Jerusalem. Crystal created music under the names “Subsoniq” and “Van Pachnowski”. He is a member of the “Mujahedin” ensemble (with Alon Ovnat and Harel Schreiber).  

Ran Izenshtat
, creator of documentaries, photographer, film critic and video editor – wrote, directed and produced two documentaries which delve into the alternative cultural atmosphere of 80’s and 90’s Jerusalem. The first, “on spoiled ground” – reviews the Jerusalem scene that revolved around the mythological “Pargod” theatre in the years 1987-1992; the second, “Fact by Fact”, tells the story of the independent label Fact Records which operated out of the Balance record store, and in it lies the story of the throbbing Jerusalem music community at the end of the millennium. Izenshtat participated in the “Mother Tongue” project in the Israel Festival in 2002 and won the Jerusalem Mayor award for his film “Pargod 2002”. He is currently working as a graphics designer for Telad and writes a critique column in the papers “Zman Yerushalaim” (Jerusalem time) and “Zman Tel Aviv” (Tel Aviv time).