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Prior knowledge is not required.

Counseling meeting
To better understand the admission committee, the curriculum and the department of new media studies, one may arrange a counseling meeting with Saron Paz, head of the department of new media studies. The school office is available for any inquiry regarding applications, on Sunday-Thursday, 9:00-12:00. Every registered applicant will be invited to an admission committee.  

A. Portfolio for the committee:
5-10 examples of work.  
Every piece will reflect the abilities and the creative direction of the applicant. These may include sketches, drawings, illustrations, comics, photographs, video, sound, poetry, short stories, blogs posts and etc.

B. Choose one of the following assignments and present it during the interview:
1. Take an object/device apart and use the parts to make a new object with a new purpose (the purpose can be real of fictional, but it must be convincing).
2. Create a wordless story (picture, drawing, video, sound). The story may range from biographical or complete sci-fi nonsense.
3. Design an imaginary robot with impressive abilities (2D or 3D). the robot must demonstrate a fantastic or ridiculous futuristic technology. 
4. Create a slideshow which presents your life philosophy or creative manifest, based only on content available online.

C. Present and discuss two interesting, innovative and special websites, or two successful artists who represent, to you, the new media front today.

-One week after the admission committee interview, applicants will receive an answer about their admittance.