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Photography Graduates
New Media Graduates
Phototherapy Graduates

The studies in the school formally end after three years, but the connection between the school and its graduates does not. The school keeps in touch with the graduates and incorporates them in creative work, exhibitions, shows, master classes and critiques. A few of the school graduates joined its faculty and some are members of the school’s management and participate in many projects created by the school. Other graduates became renowned artists, creators, producers and founders of important social platforms. We nurture the personal connections that are a part of the studies as we believe in long term success for the students, the school and the graduates themselves.  

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Pictures from “Musrara – Beyond no man’s land”, Andrea Meislin gallery, New York, where selected graduates presented their work. Exhibition page at Meislin's website OR Exhibition Minisite.

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Pictures from "In the Place Where We Stand - Musrara, Identity and Transience" an alumni exhibit celebrating the School's 30th anniversary - go to the exhibition minisite