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The Young Artists Greenhouse in the Musrara School is a platform dedicated to the advancement of groups and individuals. The greenhouse was established by Musrara graduates, as a platform for the school to promote, empower and support them. The greenhouse allows young artists to evolve as independent creators while having constant contact with their peer group, guided by a senior, experienced professional.

Who can join?
The greenhouse welcomes graduates of recognized schools who are interested in continuing to create and develop while joining the discourse with other young artists. This is a place for artists who believe in the power of gathering as a group, who want be a part of the Musrara school community and leave their mark on it.

What’s on the program?
Weekly meetings are intended to facilitate joint activities in the Musrara Mix festival, exhibition tours, meetings with curators and artists, and the use of an experimental group space.

In addition, the greenhouse assists artists in developing and producing a personal art project (initiative/exhibition/book) within two years from joining the program. The greenhouse also avails the students of a bank of usable hours, their choice of personal advisor, courses in various the departments of the Musrara School (photography, new media, new music and visual communication), as well as the use of equipment, laboratories, editing rooms and the studio.

Greenhouse students also participate in the school’s special activities: Musrara in the Desert workshops, the Musrara Mix Festival, the international program for hosting artists, and various seminars.