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Artist: Hanna Ben- Haim Yulzari
Curatorial escort: Avi Sabag

"One way or another
All your words eco
All your silences are heard"
Wisława Szymborska. From: "Children of the Period"

What is "Time within Veil"?

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  • אדמה_מעופפת.jpg
  • מנוחת_אהובי.jpg
  • זרים_על_המים_01.jpg
  • זמן_רעלה.jpg

Time within Veil is duration, it has waiting, faith and luck, it is the inner July time meeting the counted exterior time, which calculates life in relativity to death. Amazement and tardiness supply common grounds for the artistic works in "Time within Vail" exhibition. The static photography neighboring the video, accelerates the experience of viewing as duration, into the living body, and on from it. The tardiness in one instance enables the containment of the footsteps of time, and in another it creates saturated tension and anxiety.

In the Israeli social and national reality, fear exhibits itself in, so called, innocent landscapes, which provide a remote screen, controlling the other. In parallel, "My Lover's Rest", a video art work examining the discomposure of an organic vegetal body, reminds us that the human body, which we seemingly own, has turned estrange to itself, distant and remote, in the personal and cultural reality we live in. the sight of old-aging and weathering is tough for us. With chirurgical and technological attempts, we try to delay its, soon to come, termination from its first day.

The exhibited works spring from observation, receipt and acceptance of the discomposure of an organic body. This observation creates an attempt to voice absence and death. In the embodiment of the body discomposure and the walls of separation, irrational references to death as an approaching possibility, and the memorial garland floating and disappearing, one can find an effort for post-acceptance of something that has already occurred.