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The exhibition is a part of the Musrara Mix anual festival - opening - June 2nd 19:00

Artists: Hila Amram, Avi Dabach, Dorit Bialer, Sonja Baumel, Students from the New Media Department
Curator: Sharon Horodi

Human subjectivity, or what we call existence, involves a continuous process which projects itself onto the world and onto the future. Human consciousness is not an inner world of thoughts and images, but rather is a process that projects outwards, or our so-called “ek-sistence”.

avi1Avi Dabach, from "Trees"

Images, therefore, are what make the world perceptible. Yet, from the moment the images become mediators, they separate us from the world. Instead of being our map of reality, they become a screen (Vilém Flusser).

Art-sistence is a consistent action in which the dynamics of change, as well as the changes themselves, create an alternation of actions and a continuity, like living cells that differentiate, are replaced and renewed.

Art-sistence suggests viewing our ongoing existential crisis as a kind of opportunity for growth and change, a place and time in which art can offer an alternative.

sonja2Sonja Baumel, from "Metadata"