This exhibition season, which opens for its fifth successive year in October 2015 at the Musrara Art School galleries, deals with the meeting place between photography, video and song, bringing together the works of various photographers, artists, poets and curators. Musrara Art School’s new initiative creates a space for discussion and examination of questions related to the connections and tensions between the written word and the visual image. 

This is a process of both research and experimentation, typifying the kind of work that goes on at the Musrara Art School, a vibrant place for contemporary art at the heart of the border zone of Jerusalem, lying between East and West, within existential experiences of identities and multiculturalism: between photo and poetics, between visible and invisible, between metaphor and immediate reality, an experience that is both complex and rewarding.

Matan 2015 wetplateRustem Beirmov "Matan" 2015, wetplait

The school has three galleries in which three comprehensive exhibitions will take place, In the Morel Derfler Gallery, curator Ayelet Hashahar Cohen presents the exhibit “Until the Light Returns from Its Years”. This exhibition, presenting direct and staged portraits in the antiquated technique of collodion, brings together the photographers Rustem Bairmov and Rachel Erez, who have been using this technique professionally for years, with artist-poet Shira Cheresh, a graduate of Musrara’s photography department, who published her first book of poems this past year "All Beliefs are Superstitions". Collodion, a form connecting material and spirit, encodes and deciphers through the poetry, whose presence in space turns it into a plastic art.

Artists: Rachel Ererz, Rustam Beirmov, Shira Horesh

Curator: Ayelet Hashahar Cohen

photopoetica NL 6 highres