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The Musrara International Residency Program - Call for Proposals 2018

Musrara, the Naggar multidisciplinary School of Art and Society in Jerusalem would like to invite interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary artists interested in the Musrara International Residency Program to submit their applications.

The program will select 3 artists from Israel and abroad for a month-long residency in Musrara, a neighborhood located on a social, economic and political border, in order to create a work that will be presented at the Musrara Mix Festival (late May 2018), an international multidisciplinary arts festival that takes place annually in the neighborhood.

The program invites artists from different disciplines (video art, music, new media, installation, etc.), who are interested in connecting with the neighborhood, and with Jerusalem, and who are interested in creative research that connects art, society, and technology.


Application requirements:
- Application Form
- Portfolio via PDF
- Project Proposal

We are seeking proposals for projects that fit the main theme of the Musrara Mix Festival.

The Musrara Mix Festival is an international multidisciplinary event that takes place in the borderline neighborhood of Musrara, now continuing into its seventeenth year, initiated and produced by the Naggar School of Art, Musrara. The festival is a hub of artistic and social happenings, embodying the political and cultural essence of Jerusalem in particular and of Israel in general, while focusing on one central theme each year- This year's theme is "Uncertainty".

The program duration is one month, during the period between December 2017 and April 2018.
Program participants will receive professional accompaniment and technical support in accordance with the proposed project.

Participants will receive a budget that includes:
- Artist's stipend
- Budget for materials, equipment and production costs
- Musrara facilities and services (Interaction Laboratory, dark rooms, recording studios, photography studios)

The participants must commit to the following:
- A minimum stay of three days a week in the Musrara neighborhood
- Presentation of the work created during the residency at Musrara Mix Festival (late May 2018)
- Providing a lecture or workshop for Musrara School students
Accrediting the Musrara program and its supporters in all future presentations of the work

Link to application (Please attach documents in PDF form)

For further questions or inquiries, please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deadline for applications: October 31, 2017

This program has been made possible thanks to the support of the National Lottery Association, Council for Culture and Arts.

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