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Opening: 24.5.16, 19:00 - At the official opening of the Musrara Mix Festival

Artists: Tamar Lewinsohn, Neta cones, Shai Tzvi Horodi

Curator: Ayelet Hashahar Cohen

 Exhibition will stand: 24.5 - 5.7

Three young artists test the boundaries of photography through analog and digital means. Their work with the medium turns its back on direct photography and exposes what takes place behind-the-scenes. In order to create photographic images, they invent processes that pass through their physical bodies and through chemicals and digital machinery, resulting in products that are not whole, but rather remnants of images, fragments, particles and samples. Their works do not describe an abstract world, but rather reality as they see it. It is a reality created through processes set off in closed places (inside the body, in the chemical and digital laboratories, on a table), passing through them and out into the world.

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