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"This exhibition assembles the work of five Jerusalem schools: “Al-Nur”, “Horev”, “J.W.I”, “Neurim” and “Al-Salam” whom participated in the “Special Photography” program during the past year.

The exhibition articulates the point of view of children and youth with special needs, their world and their subjects of interest. It emphasizes the power of photography as a tool of self-expression. The exhibition reveals a variety of work which is an outcome of the participants’ perception of the world and the teaching methods of the programs’ different tutors.

The “Special Photography” program is a direct outcome of Musrara, the Naggar School of Art’s founding premise that photography is a unique tool with greater accessibility and availability in comparison with other art mediums, aiding as mean of expression to mirror the participants’ inner and cultural world. The program provides the participants with an experiential and fun learning framework. Aided with the knowledge of photography, the participants obtain a significant and uncommon tool of communication. All of this is made possible by the imbuing of the photographic language, technical knowledge, the development of sensibilities and the power of observation.
The participants received cameras, learned how to use them, hold and aim, build a composition, consolidate a perspective and press the button at the crucial moment. They learned to choose."

Rafi Wolach, 2016
Curatorial escort & Program Coordinator

The program was made possible thanks to the kind support of the Ted Arison Family Foundation, Freeman Family, the Anges and Beny Steinmetz Foundation and the Jerusalem Foundation.

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