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Hagar Avida Abudram, Ephrat Beloosesky, Tali Ben Bassat, Ilan Green, Magdalena Deffner, yaakov Israel, Anna Yam, Ola Lewin, Rami Maymon, Roy Margaliot, Ronit Porat, Yaniv Kuris, Yudith Schreiber

Curator: Avi Sabag
Assistant Curator: Almog Gez

The opening will take place on the 17th of November, 19:00 pm
Exhibition dates: 17.11.16-23.2.17

"The Mute Muse", a name taken from Ze'ev Jabotinsky's Hebrew poem "Madrigal". Jabotinsky is mostly identified with military and political activism, but this exhibition chooses to look at Jabotinsky as an author, poet, translator and writer, and at his broad and multi-layered works. The exhibition seeks to re-open one of the two chambers of Jabotinsky's heart, which he locked shut with great sorrow when he decided to devote his life to the Zionist enterprise.
פוטופואטיקה הזמנה