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Artists: Itzik Harush | Gal Cohen | Tali Romem | Yoanna Blikman | Yossi Suede | Meir Reuven Zalevsky | Noam Preisman | Netanel Simcha Nachshon | Amir Akiva Segal | Zvia Margaliot | Roie Ravitzky | Roy Margaliot | Reut Reiter | Shai Knaani

Curators: Eyal Ben Dov and Eliaz Cohen

The opening will take place on the 17th of November, 19:00 pm
Exhibition dates: 17.11.16-23.2.17

A provocative collaborative product of photographic artists and poets, in the spirit of the great Expressionist Hebrew poet, Uri Zvi Greenberg. Over several months, electrified by the poet's work, the group met for an experiential study of the world of photographic art, focusing on three main topics: Expressionism, politics, and mysticism. The journey brought forth dialogues that are alive and kicking, and the exhibition itself was curated through internalizing the Greenbergian prophetic stance, while refuting at the same time.
פוטופואטיקה הזמנה