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We are proud to announce that the 2017 Musrara International Program is to commence in March 2017. This year three interesting artist from three countries will take part in the program. Each will work from within Musrara neighborhood and develop a new work via intensive learning process and research of the area and local cultures. School students from the different departments will assist the artists and work hand in hand with them to realize their projects.
Ma- Li, of Chinese origin residing in Berlin, is a multidisciplinary artist dealing with installment and performance. She is planning to create a multimedia installment titled “Thousand Wishes Pavilion”.

Her work is made of recycled material with emphasis on local material and reference to local and far Western and Eastern motives and symbols.

Her installation will involve Musrara students and visiting audiences of Musrara Mix Festival.

Ma- Li will work with two New Media Department Students- Hila Abahal and Amos Peled. 
For an introduction to Ma- Li’s work please visit: 72

Natalia Mali, of Dagestanian origin residing in the UK, is planning a photographic project involving multi Jerusalemite hybrid identities performance. Natalia is an artist dealing with photography and performance researching different forms of performances exhibited in nonwestern identities.

Our New Music and Photography Departments’ student Harel Max will be as assisting Natalia and will work with her to achieve her goal.
For an introduction to Natalia’s work please visit:

Orly Almi, an Israeli artist dealing with dance and performance, will work on a collaborative project with women from the neighborhood of Musrara. Along with them, she will investigate the history of the mallow plant in its Jerusalem culinary context.
Our New Music Department student Sharon Casper will assist Orly in achieving her mission.

We wish them much success and look forward to seeing their work at Musrara Mix Festival, June 6th -8th and a group exhibition to be held in the school’s Social Gallery.Orly