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Artist: Lili Almog
Curator: Ilanit Konopny

Between Presence and Absence is a study of kibbutz houses that were destroyed by fire in northern Israel, creating a social and historical record, as well as a personal poetic and metaphorical impression of destruction and metamorphosis. Following a personal loss, Lili Almog arrived to the affected area in Kibutzz Beit Oren and started a visual investigation by using photography, video and sculpture. While this project inherently raises geopolitical questions specific to this region, it ultimately speaks to more universal themes of memory and loss, home and belonging, fragility and change.

Opening: 2 March at 7:00 pm
Exhibition dates: 2.3-18.5
The New Gallery in Musrara. 9 Ha’ayin Chet st., Musrara, Jerusalem.

קאבר איוונט לפייס