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Collective Unconscious in the Works of Teachers at the Musrara School of Art
30 March – 18 May
Producer: Yael Brandt

Artist members of the school’s teaching team put the fruits of their art and minds on display, enjoying the full freedom of independently curating their works around the gallery’s space.
This space welcomes viewers to embark on an internal experience in an expanse unbound by rules, thus allowing an unmediated introduction to the artists’ work.

This exhibition has no concrete curatorship and as such, it takes shape once it is set, according to the independent choices made by each and every artist relative to items positioned around the gallery’s space before or during their respective arrival.

The Social Gallery – Musrara
22 Shivtei Israel St., Jerusalem (Canada House – 3rd floor)
Gallery’s opening hours:
קאבר ניוזלטר אינאוצרות