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Artists: Jan Tichy, Guy Yitzhaki & Dafi Sapunar, Nevet Yitzhak, Orit Ishay, Shira Horesh, Yael Shachar, Michal Tobiass‎‏, Almog Gez, Nadav Ariel, Noa Brezner, Miriam Naeh, Tohar Lev Jacobson, Irina Wainstein, Hagar Abudraham Avida, Nimrod Levy, Asaf Alboher, Itai Nadav, Keren Rrosenberg, Chen Cohen, Nadia Shuvalov‎‏, Itamar Mevorah, Amanda Tamari, Dafna Grossman, Itzik Harush, Avi Sharabany & Omer Goldberg‎‏, Yali Reichert, Micha Simhon. 
Curator: Dafna Ichilov
Assistant to the Curator: Almog Gaz
Exhibition dates: 24.10.17 - 25.1.18
קאבר איוונט בפייס- רדיקלים
The exhibition deals with the artistic action and products as possible models of fusion and healing, and as a platform for personal and social transformation. It looks at the artistic action as a generator of corrective processes and as a personal, social, political and cultural remedy.

אסף אלבוחר מרפאה צבאית לשעבר 2010Asaf Alboher
The featured artists, all Musrara alumni , form a cycle of rituals and performative actions: performing private rituals or pointing to the rituals we perform as a society. These ritualistic actions might undermine the existing order, and seek to offer correction to a complex and conflicted society. Sometimes Sisyphean, absurd or pointless rituals seek to awaken us or create a non-stagnate situation other than stagnation. And sometimes, the works deal with the need to "cleanse" and purify reality.

In any case, the very act of performing rituals is the beginning of self-healing, which may also evolve to a social remedy.

נועה ברזנר מחבואים 4 2010Noa Brezner

Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday, 10: 00-17: 00
The New Gallery in Musrara and the Morel Derfler Gallery. 9 Ha-Ayin Het, Musrara, Jerusalem.