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On the eve of October 24th, the Naggar School celebrated the conclusion of its 30th year with a gala event in Musrara.

On this special occasion school opened a unique alumni exhibition in two of its art galleries which included some of the renowned alumni such as Jan Tichy, Nevet Itzhak and more (the exhibition be running through Jan. 25th). Exhibition page

  • גאלה_Made_In_Musrara_24.10.2017_064_Small-r.jpg
  • גאלה_Made_In_Musrara_24.10.2017_039_Small-r.jpg
  • גאלה_Made_In_Musrara_24.10.2017_062_Small-r.jpg
  • גאלה_Made_In_Musrara_24.10.2017_125_Small-r.jpg
  • גאלה_Made_In_Musrara_24.10.2017_057_Small-r.jpg
  • גאלה_Made_In_Musrara_24.10.2017_092_Small-r.jpg
  • גאלה_Made_In_Musrara_24.10.2017_128_Small-r.jpg
  • גאלה_Made_In_Musrara_24.10.2017_047_Small-r.jpg
  • גאלה_Made_In_Musrara_24.10.2017_104_Small-r.jpg

During reception, some of school’s alumni and student manifested their work, such as music installations/ art installations/ performances/ on location photography studio and other interactive exhibits. Mr. Nir Barkat, Mayor of Jerusalem and Ms. Yohanna Arbib Perugia, President of the Jerusalem Foundation honored School with their presence and warm blessings.
One more invitee, citizen #1 of Israel, President Rivlin couldn’t make it, thus he sent us a video greeting: