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Exhibition at the Annual Globes Business Conference

The Musrara School was chosen to present an exhibition in the framework of the Globes Israel Business Conference which will take place on January 10-11 at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem:
The exhibition that will be presented in the framework of the conference, "The Yearning for Visibility / Musrara beyond No Man's Land".This exhibition spans two poles, between two complementary opposites. The first consists of black and white photographs of the streets of Jerusalem and the Musrara neighborhood from the 1960s and 70s, including photos of protests and social unrest. The second presents color photographs of youth, all students and graduates of the Musrara School, taken in the neighborhood and around Jerusalem.
Both sets hail from the same home in Musrara, a former ultra-Orthodox elementary school building which became an art school at the end of the 80s, attracting young students from across the country. Both groups of photos are nurturing from the place they are taken in – The “Place”, as multi-identity platform, enriches the creative process and thorough it the work of art is recognized outside of its local and physical borders and becomes global.

Curator: Avi Sabag

בית ספר מוסררה צילום מתוך ספר הפנתרים השחורים 2