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May 29-31 (Tuesday-Thursday) between 19:00 to 23:00

Throughout Musrara neighborhood in Jerusalem

Free Admission to All Events

Musrara Mix18 Minisite

Musrara Mix International Art Festival returns for the 18th year to the Musrara neighborhood in Jerusalem, with a rich multidisciplinary program featuring dozens of artists and musicians from Israel and around the world. The artworks, the music performances and the seminars will take place within the gallery complexes, courtyards, halls, streets and public spaces of the neighborhood and allow free wandering and exploration throughout Musrara - a fascinating multicultural neighborhood in Jerusalem. The yearly festival, initiated and produced by Musrara - the Naggar Multidisciplinary School of Art and Society, will focus on uncertainty and disruptions, with the term "Breathturn" as coined by Paul Celan, one of the greatest European and Jewish poets of modern times, suggesting methods that can hold us and maintain balance in uncertainty to give hope, but these methods also change all the time ... "Musrara Mix - Breathturn" offers visitors a window to a new, complex, fickle and surprising reality.

Artists Featured in the Festival:
Tracey Moffatt (representing Australia at the last Venice Biennale), Nina Fischer and Maroan El-Sani (Germany), Bjørn Melhus (Germany), Angela Lamprianidou (Greece) and Irineu Marcovecchio (Brazil), Anna Kalwajtys (Poland), Łukasz Trusewicz (Poland), Aleks Slota (Poland), Milena Kipfmüller and Klaus Janek (Germany), Lior Gal (Israel / France), Renata Sheppard (Italy/USA), Francesca Fini (Italy) Chryssa Tsampazi (Greece), Haim Ben Shitrit, Yossi Mar-Haim, Adaya Godlevsky, Michal Schreiber, Michal Samama, Uri Levinson, Sharon Fidel, students and graduates of various departments in Musrara and more.

Musical Performances Featured in the Festival:
On the main stage: Noga Erez, Moses Project, Flora (Liron Meshulam), ORI, Geshem - hosting Zvia Abarbanel and other musicians. In the series "Musrarsonics": Maya Dunietz, Valerio Tricoli (Italy), Jean Philippe Gross (France), Ma'ayan Tsdaka, Ophir Bachmutsky and others.

Works by Students from Various Departments
The Department of New Media will present virtual reality works. Students of the Photography Department in cooperation with artists will exhibit large-scale photograms throughout the neighborhood as well as in a photography exhibition. The New Music Department students will be integrated into the musical programs in the Karnaf Hall and on the main stage with various ensembles, including “Modern Ensemble”, the Musrara Choir and other performances.

Festival Director and Chief Curator: Avi Sabag | Exhibition Curator: Sharon Horodi | Gallery Curators: Ayelet Hashachar Cohen, Vanina Saracino (Italy), Vera Korman | Musical Directors, main stage: Motti Cohen, Assaf Sabag (on a voluntary basis) | Musical Director, Electro-Acoustic Program: Eran Sachs | Musical Director, student and graduate performances: Ilan Green

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