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As part of the Musrara Mix #18 festival, The three galleries of Musrara will open new exhibitions dealing with the issue of uncertainty from different aspects.

The Social Gallery (22 Shivtei Israel Street), will display the exhibition P=0.5, curated by Vera Korman and featuring the artists Eleanor Salomon, Karam Natour, Liat Segal, Yael Meiry, Adar Goldfarb, Yonatan Ben-Simhon, Inga Fonar Cocos and Renee Van Trier. The name of the exhibition, P = 0.5, is a term taken from the world of probability, which represents the greatest probability of uncertainty. The exhibition brings together spaces of uncertainty in a world of infinite clouds of data.

The exhibitions will be open from 29.5.18 to 4.7.18