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“Special Photography” program for children and youth with special needs and at risk hosted in 2017/8 academic year 6 schools. The program ended with climatic events and exhibitions in June.
A’Noor School of Beit Zafafa gathered for its final event in Naggar School with the parents, teachers and head master. During the event the participants exhibited their prominent work and talked about their experience, outcome and plans for the future as result of this important program.

Ilanot School, a school for disabled youth, worked over the year with Reut School, as school for normative youth. The outcome of their mutual labor was exhibited to the public in Gonenim Library, Jerusalem, in an exhibition titled “Equal Chairs”.

Next year all participating schools will continue the program and one additional school, Pisgat Ze’ev Shvilim School, will join in.
The “Special Photography” program demand is on a continuous rise and we are trying to extend it as much as possible.

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