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Curator: Vered Eliezri Ganchrow

An illustration exhibition focusing the space between things; this space at times connects and at times separates between things, themes, people, ideas, opinions and neighbours. This space is often thought of as “Lack of material” since it is resides between what we assign value to. Is this space indeed defined by what borders it? Or does it define them? By pausing to observe this space we give it meaning and spotlight its existence.

A chosen group of illustrators took on the task of pausing, observing and visualizing.

Artists: Ovadia Benishu, Avitz (Avi A. Katz), Hila Noam, Keren Katz ,Kobi Siboni , Mor Israeli, Dan Barzilay

הילה נעם לילה אחד ביוני איור פרטA work by Hila Noam