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Curator: Orit Ishay

The exhibition Stairway to Heaven features abstract works that draw from the world of flora by four artists who work with photography, video, and silkscreen. Their works present a stroll and observation in a magical visible and disappearing garden, while hindering and suspending the gaze, a journey into a laboratory-garden where life and death intertwine with an air of uncertainty.

Every year, the Derfler Gallery in Musrara holds an exhibition connected in some way to the oeuvre of photographer Morel Derfler. Morel's work focused predominantly on nature/culture/man relationship, while exploring images in urban nature, local flora and more.

Artist: Larry Abramson (Israel) Nicu Ilfoveanu (Romania) Susanne Gamauf (Austria)

סוזן גמהאוף קרעי צמחיה הגינות של האמן צילום אנלוגי מטופל 1997A Work by Susanne Gamauf