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Curator: Gil Cohen

At the heart of the exhibition lies the collection of poems "A Woman in Work Space” by poet Tehila Hakimi. Hakimi's poems construct a reality of a woman whose identity is sometimes clear to her and sometimes ambiguous. She is restricted by the definitions of language, the office, the expanses of the house, of the street, and of the body, and tries to decipher herself in their depths. The six artists featured in the exhibition all address similar ideas, each in her own way, with photography, sculpture, video, and collage – gathered together alongside the poems. Ticking clocks, starched shirts, empty coffee cups and hands, flicker in the new, other, space that unfolds between the poems and the artworks, echoing a woman’s world in today's reality.

Featuring: Tehila Hakimi, Elena Ceretti Stein, Netta Dror, Efrat Hakimi, Meital Katz Minerbo, Yael Meiry, Hila Vugman

hila vogmanHila Vugman