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The exhibition at the Morel Derfler Gallery features photography, video, installation and sound works that explore the intersection of presence and absence, reality and fantasy. The elusive, blurred line between the awareness of being “here” and the awareness of being “there” introduces questions surrounding identity and belonging. One moment we are attuned to the world, and the next we look away and turn to inner realms. One moment we are in a familiar place and the next we are floating in a new universe. Are we perpetual travelers who leap through the power of the mind and lead the eyes through gates, mirrors and gatekeepers and return to our homeport, or is the disconnect between the two awarenesses leads to transformation and the discovery of a dichotomous reality?

Curator: Ayelet Hashahar Cohen

Participants: Tomer Kep, Tzfia Dgani (Morina), Meital Covo, Uriel Ziv, Rona Stern, Itai Eisenstadt

איתי אייזנשטייןItai Eisenstadt
רונה שטרן 1Rona Stern