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In 2018 Naggar School has opened a new full time (3 years) study track for Arabic speaking students coming from East Jerusalem and from around the country.

Its location of the seam between East and West Jerusalem is accessible for students coming from both sides of the city and provides a cultural bridge between Eastern and Western art and culture.

The studies focus on professional and practical training in order to acquire professional, artistic and cultural education in the fields of photography and digital media.

The program’s classes are held in Arabic and include preparatory courses, Hebrew lessons and familiarity with Israeli society.

This program is a 1,200-hour training program spanning on 3 years of schooling, approximately 20 effective teaching hours a week, three days of study per week in each academic year.

Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate recognized by the Ministry of Culture.

The school offers participants 50% of the tuition cost, which is subsidizes, as a scholarship.

בשיעור סטודיו מצלמים נוזלים