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Curator: Michal Baror
Artists: Nir Harel, Shai Knaani Julia Keren Turbahn & Tal Alperstein

The exhibition unfolds three different models for an examination of the relationship between the human body, the passing time, and the site of memory. Rethinking commemoration as it is perceived in the local consciousness, in each of the featured works, the human body establishes a different attitude towards monuments: While in Knaani’s work the monument becomes a playground, Alperstein and Turbahn offer a model for a new type of monument, provisional and short-lived yet pulsating, perspiring, and breathing. In Harel’s work, the monument is pixelated and the body is left on the sidelines as a mere observer.

Opening: 9/20/19

The New Gallery, Musrara School, 9 9 HaAyin Chet St., Musrara Jerusalem

הצעה לתפאורה ניר הראל 2019Nir Harel

Opening hours: Sun-Thurs 10:00-17:00
Holiday eves and holidays – closed