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Curator: Eyal Ben Dov
Artists: Lea Golda Holterman, Haim Deuel Lusky, yoram buzaglo, Yael Kaplan, Ernesto Levy, Aharon Kritzer, Alicia shahaf

The exhibition explores the mystical image of photography in Israel, and serves as a model for a future exhibition. 
Mystical photography associates the manifestation of light with the manifestation of the “creative self” as part of an interpretive, psychological action connected to Kabbalistic mysticism. These ideas are joined by Walter Benjamin’s concept of the “aura,” and a discussion on the physical and metaphysical nature of light in photography.

The concept “Shining Qlippah” (Noggah Qlippah) appears in mystic Kabbalah and Hassidic stories. “The Secret of the Nut” (Sod HaEgoz) is a concept that introduces the idea of the “Shining Qlippah” – one of the bright auras that 
Ezekiel saw in his divine vision. The concept is also found in Kabbalistic texts that discuss the parts of the nut as a microcosm for understanding the divine macro.

Opening: 10.17.19
Social Gallery, Musrara School,– Musrara. 22 Shivtei Israel St. (Canada House – 3rd floor), Jerusalem

Opening hours: Sun-Thurs 10:00-17:00
Holiday eves and holidays – closed