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Artists: Ori Drumer, Nitzan Makover Caspi, Yoram Ron, Mor Ester Katzman, Chen Sheinberg

Curator: David Daniel

The exhibition Without Disgrace and Without Praise focuses on T. S. Eliot’s influential poem “The Wasteland” and tries to examine its validity today, on both the existential/private and social/universal levels. The poem, which was written in 1922 and became one of the cornerstones of modernist poetry, explores death within life – and the potential held in death to create life, and the barren and ephemeral nature of the modern wasteland. T. S. Eliot’s fragmentary and timeless writing ties together historical artworks and personal experiences, and presents a wealth of visual imagery, evocative of the formation of a “visual text.” The exhibition sets out to explore the possibility of a “textual image,” drawing an analogy between the zeitgeist captured in “The Wasteland” and our time.

שם האמנית-ניצן מקובר כספי  MediumNitzan Makover Caspi

The Morel Drefler Gallery. 9 Ha’ayin Chet St., Jerusalem