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Artists: Jennifer Abessira, Alma Alloro, Dganit Elyakim, shachar Sarig, Shirin Anlen, Osher Ben Yehuda, Gabriel S Moses, Ben Benhorin, Ben Benhorin Brezner Jonas, Liz Mar r, Eran Hadas, Ella Novak, Elinor Salomon

Curators: Batt-Girl & Yoav Lifshitz

The exhibition Poeticum Ex Machina presents a tapestry of works from different waves in Israeli net art. The works featured in the exhibition mark the various ways in which the poetic nature of the net (and net art) is manifested. Sometimes the poetic quality of the code blends with the visual aesthetics and manifests itself – as gestures – in the content and other times it emerges through the artistic or mechanical process, which almost negates the aesthetic purpose of art.

Gabriel S Moses In Defense of the Academic Troll 2016Gabriel S Moses

The Social Gallery – Musrara. 22 Shivtei Israel St. (Canada House – 3rd floor), Jerusalem