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Musrara, the Naggar School of Art and Society is proud to present the annual graduation exhibition of its newly graduates!
Graduation ceremony and opening of the exhibitions will take place on Thursday, July 23rd at 19:30 PM at Janette Garden- Behind School's historical building, 9 Ha'Ayin Chet St.

Presenting Graduates:
Avishag Hakimi, Ehud Lax, Inna Orly, Itay Tirosh, Alon Yarkoni, Ellie Orian, Eli Freiman, Ariel Altaratz, Bar Altaras, Bar Zaken, Daniel Treystman, Hadar Mordechay, Hili David, Vered Tzin, Hagit Frenkel, Tanya Shraifel, Yuval Zickout, Yarden Levi-Ellentuck, Merav Rosenberg, Malak Mattar, Moshe Silver, Matvey Shapiro, Noa Kerem-Bloemendal, Nir Pinhas, Nitai Levi, Coral Yefet, Rivy Shapiro, Raheli Dvorkin, Shir Samuel-Terger, Tom Maor, Tom Pearl
Opening Hours:
Sun- Thurs between 10:00AM - 19:00PM
Fri between 10:00AM- 14:00PM
Closing: August 6th

The Musrara School Graduation Exhibition shows the products of the graduates of the following Departments - Photography, New Media Art, Visual Communication, New Music and the program of advanced studies in Experimental Music and Sound Art. In their final year of study, each student offers a space-adapted project, and works on a personal project escorted by Department Heads and leading faculty members. Ahead of the appointed date, Musrara, on its various classrooms, turns into a branched exhibition space. The multidisciplinary exhibition of Musrara's graduates, brings together the various Departments and shows works on the seam between art and technology, photographs, visuals outcomes, space-adapted photography and video installations, performances and sound installations.

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