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After months of hard collaborative work, the Naggar School is proud to publish "Shatnez" Magazine - the outcome of a collaboration between students and lecturers in the Department of Visual Communication.

The vision of the project was to create an annual magazine in a printed pages format with an experimental approach to content and design and at the same time create a work greenhouse in which students would experience the design practice broadly, resembling the experience of reality outside the school setting.

The Department worked on the magazine over the school year during which they thoroughly examined two main basic concepts: the concept of "fashion" and the concept of "a magazine".

Why a fashion magazine?

Fashion is a concept that touches on many areas related to the daily lives of all of us, and at the same time allows us to engage with more complex issues that exist in our environment such as: identity, politics and economics.

We believe that each person has an opinion related to his / her personal history.

The magazine serves as a place where ideas and opinions can be expressed freely and respectfully and at the same time provides a mirror of the diverse reality in the Jerusalemite cosmos.

Project Instructors: Meital Katz Minerbo and Guy Goldstein, Head of Visual Communication department.
Participating Students and Faculty: Nir Klyman, Avia Rotstein, Vered Tzin Klyman, Galia Lidor, Merav Rosenberg, Yitzik Fridman, Malak Mattar, Hadar Mordechay, Yuval Zikut, Hili David, Hagit Frenkel.

The magazine can be acquired @ the School's Administrative Office.

Sun. through Thu. 10:00AN- 17:00PM
Price: NIS 40