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The students from the Department of Visual Communication in Musrara, in collaboration with the First Station complex in Jerusalem, will present an exhibition of illustrations titled "Space- Distance".

The exhibition was created during the height of the first wave of the Covid19 plague, spring 2020.

The students created posters illustrated in the spirit of the period in a unique format that effectively defines the social distance space - 2 meters gap between people.
The launching event of the exhibition will take place on Friday, August 7 @ the First Station complex in Jerusalem (4 Remez St.).

Participating Students: Hadar Mordechai, Hagit Frenkel, Healy David, Malek Matar, Meirav Rosenberg, Nir Kleinman, Shir Samuel-Trager, Vered Tzin-Kleinman, Yuval Zikot.

Instruction and Exhibition Production: Rinat Gilboa

71 mosrara 10801080 July20