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The Naggar School of Art and Society, together with Wisdom of the Elders Inc. (WOTE), Portland, Oregon , received a grant through the Communities Connecting Heritage (CCH) program to carry out in partnership a cultural heritage project which explored the power of cultural arts for healing trauma and strengthening cultural identity by varied acts of storytelling.

The initial plan was a six month online virtual exchange program, in addition to an in-person exchange visit of groups from Naggar School and WOTE.

The program was to conclude with a mutual culminating exhibition in June 2020 during the annual MusraraMix Festival, Jerusalem. Later, the same exhibition was to travel to a Portland venue.

In March 2020, following Naggar School's team trip to Oregon and Washington State, due to Covid19 eruption, the project was forced to change its structure to a strictly online form and was now forced to undergo a transformation.

This link is the outcome of our online exchange project of "The Hero's Journey for Transformation" program, incorporating the mutual work of Naggar's 1st year students of the Department of Photography and WOTE staff and interns.

In August a culminating online exhibition will be launched to conclude this unique program.

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with funding provided by the U.S. Government and administered by World Learning.

Havest Moon Telling Big Foot Stories Under 1000 Year Old Tree