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Musrara — The Naggar School of Art and Society is proud to present:
MusraraMix Festival 2020
15-17 December, 2020 (Tuesday-Thursday),
19:00 -23:00

The international art and music festival Musrara Mix returns for the 20th year. This year, the festival will be held as a special online edition that offers a rich multidisciplinary program of Israeli and international artists and musicians, which will be available for viewing via a dedicated website. The festival takes place every year with the initiative and production of Musrara, the Naggar School of Art and Society. 2

The festival will span three days and feature a multidisciplinary program of video performances, video art, pre-recorded shows, and audio-visual works, bringing together the art and performance program curated by Vera Korman and the electro-acoustic program Musrara Sonics, curated by Eran Sachs. This year, the festival invited Noam Enbar to curate a special program surrounding the festival main theme, inspired by healing and magic traditions. In addition to the central program, the festival will also hold an international student film competition and host two online panels. The works will open for viewing every day at a scheduled time and will remain available for streaming for 24 hours.

The theme of this year’s festival is Transfigure.

The festival’s title, which denotes a profound and mental positive change of external and inner form – seems more relevant than ever, particularly when examined through the lens of a shaman. In many instances, the shaman is the healer-patient, whose consciousness is expanded through the healing process. In a time of global pandemic that touches on every aspect of our lives, the shamanistic act will allow us to examine the new forming relationships between spirituality and art, and the constant changes that take place in us and in the world around us.

The artists taking part in the festival this year were invited to create an artwork that addresses the original theme, in the spirit of the time and place in which we operate. Many of the artists chose to create the works in the physical spaces of Musrara neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Featured artists:
Ana Wild, Rafi Balbirsky, Jörg Brinkmann, Bjørn Melhus, Melanie Bonajo, Zohar Shafir, Luciana Kaplun, Ruti De Vries, Adaya Godlevsky, Martina Claussen, Nimrod Alexander Gershoni, Tunni Krauss, Shekel, Faye Shapiro and Ziv Greenberg, Toy Orchestra (Igor Krutogolov, Yam Umi, Roy Chen, Neal Kalman, Cernea Mihai, Naomi Rosin, Amir Buksbaum, Victor Levin, YanaMiri Levin, Niv Majar), The Musrara sonic art research group (Amir meir, Eran Sachs, Yogev Frilichman, Dana Tkatch, Eyal Biton, Lior Pinsky), Bar Zaken, Sevelle, Alex Drool, Pita (Peter Rehberg), Nina Glockner.

Festival curator: Vera Korman
Festival director: Avi Sabag