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In the last six months, a social photography project has been conducted between 3rd year students from the Department of Photography in Musrara, and the residents of the "Nofi Motza" sheltered housing from the “Neve Amit” branch.

The exhibition "Between the House and the Landscape" presents a series of open studio photographs of tenants and employees, and especially portraits of nine of the tenants taken in the environment of the sheltered housing and the wild nature surrounding it,
along with short texts written by the students.

“Between the House and the Landscape/ A Meeting Between Generations Through the Camera”

Opening: Sunday 3.4.22 | 17:00 | Nofei Motza Sheltered Housing, Motza Illit - Sheva Ahayot 3, Mevaseret Zion

* The joint project took place as part of the Perach Zahav- Matanel Project with the support of the Matanel Foundation, accompanied by Ayelet Hashahar Cohen, Head of the Photography Department, and Yuval Chen, a veteran portrait photographer.

Photo: Noy Laini and Meital Izvetsky