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The Naggar School was chosen to participate this year in the Forum section of Ars Electronica Festival, which takes place every year in the city of Linz, Austria and is one of the largest media art festivals in the world. 

The festival will feature the project “Ville Radieuse - The Dudon”, a project initiated and developed by our Department of New Music alumni Amir Meir, a musician and sound artist, during his studies in School. 

The “Dudon” is a hand-made musical instrument that turns light into sound and shapes into sounds. With this instrument one can peek through a gate seaming between the visible and the audible for a short fragment of time.

Ville Radieuse - a radiant city, is the vision of the Swiss-French Architect Le Corbusier for the construction of a utopian city that will crystallize the activities of its inhabitants into a perfectly harmonious action. 

The city was designed according to the abstract form of the human body operating in harmony to make a desire a reality, one aimed at a lofty goal. 

Criticism of the model, by the way, pointed to the lack of a human scale in the design.

In addition, two of Naggar’s students, Erez Cohen (Dept. of New Media Art) and ……were chosen to take part in the summer university “Festival University 2022” – a collaborative project of Ars Electronica together with the Johannes Kepler University, Linz. Within this framework the participants will enjoy a four weeks’ study program (including participation in the Festival) during which up to 200 young people from all around world from different cultural and educational backgrounds will gather to explore and define new pathways towards transformational change. The Ars Electronica Festival will be the public stage to present the ideas and the outcomes of the Festival University.

We would like to thank Les Amis de Musrara – Our Schools French friends’ association for supporting and assisting us in realizing our outstanding participation in the festival.

צילום שירה מרקPhoto by Shira Marek