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Since its establishment and as part of its main goals, the school has been holding photography workshops and courses for children with special needs. The participants come from various different schools and ethnicities, Arabs and Jews, religious and secular, from east and west Jerusalem, and from politically disputed areas bordering the Green Line.These children suffer from various disabilities: Down syndrome, learning disabilities, mild to moderate mental disabilities, as well as emotional, environmental and behavioral problems.

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The photography medium, the atmosphere at the school, and the equipment enable these children to express their emotions. Photography offers a unique and challenging way of coping with their difficulties. It is a tool for connecting the inner and outer realities, the technical and the spiritual. In many of these cases, photography – where photographers can share their own perspective with the world – is almost the only way for them to communicate and establish a true dialog. Every year, approximately 200 children participate in the program.

The “Special Photography” program owes its existence to the Jerusalem Foundation, the Freeman family and the special education branch of the Ministry of Education.    

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Instructors: Rafi Wallach, Itay Nadav, Nitza Sharon