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Founder and Director: Avi Sabag

Departments Heads:
Ayelet Hashahar Cohen - Head of the Photography Department
Ayala Landow - Head of the New Media Art Department
Ilan Green - Head of the New Music Department
Guy Goldstein - Head of the Visual Communication Department
Nurit Rauchbach - Head of the Photo-Therapy Department

Maya Cohen - Administrative Coordinator
Moti Cohen- External Studies and Educational Programs
Dana Shahar - Director of External Relations and Development
Nir Lax - Director of Marketing
Natalya Levitsky - Scholarships & Registration
Sachi Piro - Head of Technical Crue
Yossi Golan - Equipment Manager
Michal Schreiber - Archive Management
Shira Bar - Library Management
Emil Leibner - Computing
Yasser Reashe - Technical Crew
Udi Assaf - Digital Lab Management
Rafi Wolach - Digital Lab